It is the intention of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (“CSCDA”) to make records accessible to the public in an expedient and reasonable manner under the terms of the California Public Records Act (California Government Code Section 6250 and following). Accordingly, the following policy has been adopted by the Commission of the CSCDA. 


CSCDA prefers that all records requests be submitted in writing. However, should a request be made orally, the request will be recorded as accurately as possible and CSCDA will address the request in accordance with the manner in which it was recorded.

Requests for the right to inspect and / or for copies of CSCDA records that are disclosable under the Act may be made in writing to:

Document Request:


     California Statewide Communities Development Authority
     1100 K Street
     Sacramento, CA 95814


     (916) 441-5507
     (Attention: CSCDA Document Request)


     [email protected] 

Provided that if a member of the public appears in person during normal office hours at any facility where CSCDA public records are maintained requesting the right to inspect disclosable documents located at such facility, such person shall be presented with such documents for inspection as soon as practicable after making such a request following determination by the Authority officers or staff as to any applicable exemptions. Hard copies of records and documents requested will be provided to the member of the public making the written or oral request for such documents upon payment of the costs described below.

Records will be made available in an electronic format if requested in such a format and if they are currently maintained in such a format. If a particular kind of format such as CD or DVD is requested, records requested in that format will be made available in that format if CSCDA has used that format to create copies for its own use or for provision to other agencies. CSCDA will not release a record in an electronic format if to do so would jeopardize or compromise the security or integrity of the original record or of any proprietary software in which it is maintained. CSCDA is not obligated to reconstruct a record in an electronic format if the record is no longer available in that form.

Timing of the Response

Each request for CSCDA records shall be reviewed as soon as possible by Authority officers or staff to determine (i) whether the documents are exempt under the Act, (ii) where the documents are located and (iii) if to be copied by the CSCDA, an estimation of the time required for duplicating and shipping the requested documents and the cost of duplication and shipping (as required below). This determination will be provided to the person requesting documents not more than 10 days after the CSCDA has received such request unless “unusual circumstances” exist, in which case, the person requesting documents shall be provided in writing, the date that the determination will be made available (which date shall be not be extended more than 14 days thereafter) and the unusual circumstance causing the delay.

Upon receipt of payment of costs, CSCDA shall promptly make the requested copies of documents available to the person requesting such documents.


Person requesting copies of CSCDA records shall, prior to the duplications of such records, pay the costs of duplication and shipping as follows:

Duplicating/production costs:
 $.25 per page 8.5×11 or 8.5×14 page
 $.25 per page Computer printouts
 $5.00 each Photograph reproduction
 Actual cost plus $5.00     Copies that require special equipment or special technique
 No charges Person requesting documents makes own arrangements for documents to be copied on site
Shipping costs:
 Actual postage First class mail
 Actual cost plus $5.00 Overnight delivery or messenger service
 No charges Documents picked up by person requesting them

Costs shall be paid by check or money order made payable to CSCDA and delivered to the Secretary at the same address as written requests for documents noted above.

Distribution of Policy

CSCDA shall post this policy at and shall make a copy of this policy, at no cost, to any person requesting the policy.